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gefugig said: YOU ARE SO CUTE :3 OMG, I can't get over it! Also, I tried clicking the link you posted and it says blog not found D; xoxo

oh, thank you! :D I’m sorry, I forgot I changed the blog url and hadn’t posted a new link. You can find it here,

<3 :3


OKAY, I’ve made a new blog so I’ll have a primary BDSM blog instead of getting things mixed up with my big girl tumblr and this one. >.<

I’d love it so much if you’d all follow instead~ I’ll love you all forever and I’ll snuggIe you through the internet and bake you internet cookies <3 

'm gonna be posting lots of pictures and stuff tomorrow, you'll all get to see my favorite piercings I have. :3 Just don't tell Sir… :D

I’ll probably get a punishment if he finds out… x3 hehehe.

Bahhh see, I just got my accounts mixed up again >:o bad kitten!

This is for the “How did you meet your daddy?” question. It won’t let me repost it on this account for some odd reason. :c buhh.

I met him at a concert actually!!

I went to see this local band and I was on my best bros shoulders, and we got knocked into and I fell backwards and Daddy caught me and I got flustered and ran away cause I was embarrassed 

and after the concert he walked up to me after waiting ten minutes for me to get out of the crowd and asked for my number cause he thought I was really cute.

we’ve known eachother for a year now and just started this sort of relationship, we both have a lot of love and trust in one another and hes the best Daddy ever. <3 :3 

dominantsir-deactivated20140221 said: It's better off just restarting your blog and going from there. It's much better.

Mrr… Thats what I was thinking… I already have made quite a few posts on here though and have managed to get a decent amount of followers in a short time. Buuut I think I’ll go ahead and do it anyways, and just post the URL on here. :3 

I almost regret making this a secondary blog :c And Tumblr won’t let me change it to my primary one… Ahhh D: 

Thinking of going and making a new domain and a different account specifically like this blog… I just don’t want any of my posts getting mixed up between this blog and my big girl blog x____x bahh. 

Whats a girl to do. :c 

slavetasks said: Love your posts!

:D Thank you!